Photos I took, cover

Analogue memories Temples of our fear, altars of our mortality
A dynamic, powerful book of analogue memories.
With his camera lens the photographer freezes transience into an everlasting moment.
Photos, relics in the temples of our fear, altars of our mortality.

Nathan van der Waa (left) – Photographer, Lauwrence Dorresteijn (right) – Grafic designer
When they presented the book ‘ Photo’s I took’ during the annual Hoever Art festival in Egmond aan den Hoef in 2015

Photographer Nathan van der Waa. First limited edition 201
Lines of poetry: Nathan van der Waa.
Heardropsbooks- Alkmaar. Paper/softback 26 pages
Copyright book: – 2015
Copyright photos: Nathan van der Waa – 2004 2015
Coverdesign and layout: Lawrence Dorresteijn

A selection of photos from 2004-2014.

Roller coaster
 twit a twirl  
leaning oaktree